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Unearth your ideal coffee at Wayimu, where exceptional blends unite easily in our snug virtual café. Don't miss out on your first taste—enjoy a 15% discount with code FIRSTSIP15



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Flavours Berry, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate
Body Medium
Sweetness Full
Acidity Medium

BLEND Brazil, Costa Rica & Indonesia


Elevate your coffee moments with our Premium Three-Origin Arabica Blend, featuring exceptional beans handpicked from renowned coffee farms in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.

This blend is a symphony of sweet complexity and velvety body, meticulously crafted to deliver a dynamic espresso experience.

Unlock vibrant espresso flavours characterized by aromatic notes of berry and stone fruit, offering an intricately layered cup that invigorates the senses.

If you prefer milk-based coffees, our Liscio blend is designed to impress. Indulge in a smooth and mellow cup that radiates sweet vanilla and creamy milk chocolate flavours. This ensures each sip is a taste and an experience, satisfying both your palate and soul.

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