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Unearth your ideal coffee at Wayimu, where exceptional blends unite easily in our snug virtual café. Don't miss out on your first taste—enjoy a 15% discount with code FIRSTSIP15

Ethiopia Limu
Ethiopia Limu
Ethiopia Limu
Ethiopia Limu
Ethiopia Limu

Ethiopia Limu

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Flavours Fruity, Winey, Sweet
Body Medium
Sweetness Medium/High
Acidity Medium/High


Discover Wayimu's Handpicked Ethiopian Delight: Limu Coffee—Wild, Winey, and Full-Bodied 

Explore one of our all-time favourites at Wayimu—our Ethiopian Limu coffee, a testament to the extraordinary richness of Ethiopian coffee culture. While it shares similarities with our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, Limu sets itself apart with a more robust body, lacking the floral notes but embracing a winey, fruity sweetness.

Grown Exclusively at 1,600 Meters in Oromia, Southwest Ethiopia: A Rare Blend from Just Six Farms.

Our Limu coffee is grown at approximately 1,600 meters above sea level in the Oromia region of southwest Ethiopia. We've carefully sourced this exquisite blend from only six farms, each contributing Eastern African Heirloom varieties to create this unique coffee experience.

Taste Notes: Fruity, Winey, and Sweet Symphony 
Indulge in a flavorful journey featuring fruity, winey, and sweet notes that showcase the exceptional quality of Ethiopian coffee.


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