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El Salvador Las Isabellas
El Salvador Las Isabellas
El Salvador Las Isabellas
El Salvador Las Isabellas
El Salvador Las Isabellas

El Salvador Las Isabellas

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Flavours Sweet, Plums, Chocolate
Body Medium
Sweetness Medium/High
Acidity Low/Medium


Premium El Salvador Coffee from Las Isabellas Farm: A Blend of Pacamara and Bourbon Varietals at High Altitude

Savour the luxury of our unique coffee sourced from Las Isabellas farm in El Salvador, a blend combining the rich profiles of Pacamara and Bourbon beans. Located on the southern slope of Apaneca's "Cerron Grande" in western El Salvador, Las Isabellas nestles between altitudes of 1200 to 1450 meters. This special farm is an integral part of the eco-conscious Blue Harvest project.

Experience the Natural Beauty of Las Isabellas: A Rainforest Alliance-certified Farm with 175 Acres of Forest, Springs, and Waterfalls
Las Isabellas goes beyond coffee cultivation, boasting 175 acres of untouched natural forest, complete with refreshing springs and picturesque waterfalls. As a Rainforest Alliance-certified farm, it embodies sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Crafted by Expert Hands: Meet Jose Roberto Santamaria, the Devoted Farm and Mill Manager
The farm thrives under the meticulous care of its owner, Jose Roberto Santamaria, who is passionately dedicated to both the farm and its milling processes.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds: Sweet, Mild Coffee with Rich Plum and Chocolate Flavours
Indulge in the delectable taste of our sweet, mild coffee enriched with the irresistible flavours of plums and chocolate.

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