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Indonesia Sumatra
Indonesia Sumatra
Indonesia Sumatra
Indonesia Sumatra
Indonesia Sumatra

Indonesia Sumatra

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Flavours Spicy, Bold, Tobacco
Body Full
Sweetness Medium
Acidity Medium

Indulge in the one-of-a-kind taste of our coffee, cultivated near the stunning Lake Toba—the world's largest volcanic lake. Elevated by the artisanal Giling Basah processing method, this coffee delivers a flavour experience that stands apart.

Indonesia consistently ranks among the world's top five coffee-producing countries, with a coffee-growing history that goes back to colonial times in 1696. The region's ideal conditions yield coffee beans with low acidity and a high-bodied profile.

Lake Toba Coffee: Grown Near the World's Largest Volcanic Lake and crafted via Giling Basah

Our coffee is cultivated near the breathtaking Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake globally. Utilizing the traditional Giling Basah processing method, this unique brew offers a robust body, a spicy aroma, and tobacco undertones.

Featuring Catimor and Typica varieties, this Indonesian coffee provides a distinct and complex flavour experience.

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