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Colombia Medellin
Colombia Medellin
Colombia Medellin
Colombia Medellin
Colombia Medellin

Colombia Medellin

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Flavours Milk Chocolate, Nutty, Sweet
Body Medium
Sweetness Medium
Acidity Medium


Discover the Exceptional Quality of Medellín Coffee: A Gem from Colombia's Fertile Antioquia Region

Medellín, situated in Colombia's prime Antioquia region, is enveloped by some of the most nutrient-rich lands for coffee cultivation. Famous for its unparalleled quality and distinctive taste profile, Colombian coffee—particularly the varieties grown near Medellín—is characterized by its mild, well-balanced flavours infused with subtle notes of nuttiness or fruitiness.

What sets Medellín coffee apart is the region's optimal coffee-growing conditions, which include high altitudes and stable temperature ranges, complemented by precise rainfall patterns. These environmental factors create a haven for coffee cultivation, allowing the beans to thrive and develop complex flavours.

Traditional Farming Practices in Medellín's Coffee Farms

In the coffee-producing areas around Medellín, small to medium-sized farms typically employ time-honoured cultivation techniques. The coffee plants are often grown under shade, a practice that leads to the slow ripening of coffee cherries. This slow maturation process concentrates the beans' flavours, making them richer and more robust. Post-harvest, the coffee beans are meticulously washed and sun-dried. Sustainability is also becoming a focus, with an increasing number of farms adopting eco-friendly farming methods.

Global Appreciation for Medellín Coffee

Not just a local treasure, Medellín coffee has earned its place on the global stage. It is frequently exported and holds high value in international markets, making it an integral part of both Colombia's economy and cultural fabric. Whether savoured in its homeland or enjoyed by coffee aficionados worldwide, the reputation of Medellín coffee for its exceptional quality and flavour richness remains undiminished.

Indulge in the finest Medellín coffee and experience why it's a perennial favourite among global coffee connoisseurs.

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