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Brewing Coffee with AeroPress: A Step-By-Step Guide

Brewing Coffee with AeroPress: A Step-By-Step Guide

Sep 12, 2023 (Updated on Sep 13, 2023)

Coffee connoisseurs know that the method you use to brew your coffee matters as much as the coffee beans you choose. If you're looking to make a cup of rich, flavorful, and full-bodied coffee, look no further than the AeroPress. The AeroPress is a simple yet versatile brewing device perfect for home use or travel.
This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to make a perfect cup of coffee using an AeroPress.

What You'll Need


  1. AeroPress Coffee Maker
  2. AeroPress filters (paper or metal)
  3. Coffee grinder (optional)
  4. Measuring spoon or scale
  5. Stirrer (usually included with your AeroPress)
  6. Hot water kettle
  7. Mug or coffee carafe



  1. Freshly roasted coffee beans
  2. Hot water (200–205°F or 93–96°C)


1. Boil the Water

Start by boiling your water. You'll need hot water between 200 and 205°F (93–96°C) for optimal extraction.

2. Prepare AeroPress

While the water is boiling, prepare your AeroPress. Insert a filter into the AeroPress's filter cap and rinse it with hot water. This removes any paper taste and helps the filter adhere to the cap.

3. Grind Coffee Beans

If you have whole bean coffee, grind it to a medium-fine consistency, similar to table salt. You'll need about 14–18 grams of coffee, depending on how strong you like it.

4. Assemble AeroPress

Attach the filter cap to the bottom of the AeroPress chamber. Place it over your mug or coffee carafe.

5. Add Coffee

Add the ground coffee into the AeroPress chamber, making sure to level the coffee bed for even extraction.

6. Add Water

Once your water reaches the desired temperature, pour it over the coffee grounds. Fill up to the desired level marked on the AeroPress. The water-to-coffee ratio is generally 15:1, but you can adjust according to taste.

7. Stir

Use the stirrer to gently mix the coffee with the water for about 10 seconds.

8. Press

Insert the plunger into the AeroPress chamber and start pressing down gently. The pressing should take about 30–40 seconds. You should feel some resistance, but don't force it.

9. Enjoy

Remove the AeroPress and give your coffee a stir. Your freshly brewed coffee is now ready to enjoy!


  1. Inverted Method: Some people prefer to use the AeroPress in an inverted position, where you flip the AeroPress upside down during brewing and then flip it back when pressing. This allows for a longer steep time.

  2. Bypass Brewing: If you find the coffee too strong, you can add hot water to your brewed coffee to dilute it.

  3. Experiment: The AeroPress is incredibly versatile. Feel free to experiment with coffee-to-water ratios, grind sizes, and steep times to get your perfect cup.

  4. Clean Up: The AeroPress is easy to clean. Just remove the filter cap, pop out the used coffee puck, and rinse the rubber plunger.


The AeroPress is a wonderful device for brewing coffee that is both quick and capable of producing a variety of flavours. Whether you're new to coffee brewing or a seasoned pro, the AeroPress offers a unique and rewarding experience. Happy brewing!